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I'm Annie Berger, and as a mental performance coach, I provide personalized mental skills training to help you achieve peak athletic performance. Sports offer incredible opportunities but also present challenges like performance slumps, "choking" under pressure, burnout, and returning to play after injury.


Whatever challenge you're facing, I'll help you learn the mental skills needed to overcome your obstacles. I'll help you set and achieve specific, actionable goals that align with your objectives. By addressing the mental barriers holding you back, you will rediscover your passion for sport, and unlock your full potential.

    My Story

    I grew up as a multi-sport athlete who loved to compete. Earning 9 varsity letters in high-school (soccer, football, basketball, and lacrosse),  and playing two Division I sports in college (soccer and lacrosse), I learned many life lessons from my athletic career. When I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a sophomore in high school, it was my passion for sports that motivated me to quickly learn how to manage the disease so I could remain a competitive athlete despite this challenge. I was then lucky to find tennis in my late 30's, which allowed me to get back to competing and being a part of a team. As an adult, I've also been lucky to coach youth soccer and lacrosse, and I love working with kids as they develop in their athletic journey. Through various life stages, sports have helped me to remain healthy, motivated, and passionate about life.

    As I complete my Master's in Sport and Performance Psychology, I am excited to begin working with athletes at all stages of their athletic careers. Whether you are a young athlete, an adult athlete, an elite athlete, or a recreational athlete, I am eager to share the mental skills that can enhance your performance, maximize your enjoyment of sport, and extend your ability to perform through your lifespan. 

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